Dr Carolyn Youren


Committed to helping people make valued changes...
one step at a time.

Meet Carolyn


Dr Carolyn Youren is a caring and empathetic Melbourne based psychologist with over 15 years’ experience in hospital, university and private practice settings. Working with teenagers, adults, seniors and couples, Carolyn assists clients dealing with individual life stressors as well as a range of psychological diagnoses.

With comfortable rooms located at the Balwyn Medical Hub, Carolyn draws on a range of scientifically proven psychological interventions including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness when delivering her treatments.

Committed to building emotional resilience and an improved sense of well-being in her clients, Carolyn’s treatment has a strong emphasis on slowly building exposure to a range of emotional experiences at a pace that is achievable for each individual. Carolyn’s supportive and understanding approach immediately puts her clients at ease and provides a safe and comfortable environment in which to begin their journeys towards psychological well-being.

Types of Clients

With clients ranging in age from 15 to over 80, Carolyn works with males and females from many different backgrounds facing a broad spectrum of emotional challenges.


Carolyn assists teenagers dealing with issues such as study stress, test anxiety, friendship challenges, family disagreements, transition to university and embarking on first-time intimate relationships.

Young Adults

Carolyn’s young adult clients are often struggling with completing studies, transitioning to the workforce, building enriching relationships with partners, friends and family, parental challenges, the inability to find a lasting partner, difficulties starting a family or financial stress.


Carolyn works with couples struggling with relationship difficulties stemming from incompatible expectations, inflexible thinking, parenting problems, financial worries and work stresses.


Common challenges for adults, in general, include separation from partners and/or children, parenting, financial struggles, career challenges, conflicts with co-workers, physical injuries or illness, chronic pain, loss and grief and care of ageing parents.


Difficulties often associated with this stage in life include grandparenting responsibilities, health deterioration, memory difficulties, transitioning out of the family home, coping with living in more social environments such as retirement villages or nursing homes, losing control of decision making and maintaining meaning in life.

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