“The only source of knowledge is experience”

Albert Einstein ~

Throughout our lives, all of us must deal with periods of intense change, stress, frustration and conflict. Each individual’s capacity to deal with these challenging circumstances will vary, with some apparently able to positively manage their thoughts and emotions in a healthy manner and others falling into destructive and repetitive thought patterns that prevent them from getting the most out of life.


From relationship problems, conflicts at work or school and bereavement through to specific psychological conditions such as anxiety, panic disorders, OCD and depression, Dr Carolyn Youren will work with you to provide an accurate diagnosis, build your emotional resilience, understand the triggers that cause you discomfort and arm you with the necessary skills to develop flexibility of thought and action. This will enable you to adjust your responses to the different challenges that arise in your life, rather than relying on automated, one-size-fits all reactions. For example, if friends give you a half-hour alert they are on their way, you have the flexibility and confidence to do a 20-minute tidy up, rather than insisting on performing a 4-hour super clean and putting the visit off.

When to See Carolyn

Carolyn’s extensive experience dealing with clients across a broad spectrum of age groups, backgrounds and circumstances means her services can be of benefit to people facing individual life stressors or specific psychological diagnoses as well as those who are experiencing a general feeling of unease or sense of being “not themselves”.

Specific Life Stressors

Psychological Conditions

General Problems

On the surface, or to outsiders, your life may appear to be under control, well balanced and fulfilled. You may feel you are achieving most of what you want out of life so can’t pinpoint why it is you don’t feel quite right. You may feel trapped, not yourself or that life is a struggle and should be easier. You might know others who are far less fortunate than yourself so feel guilty for not being happy, yet still can’t shake the feeling that all is not as it should be. Low self-esteem, performance anxiety, stress or weight management problems could also be contributing factors. With over 15 years’ experience dealing with a wide variety of clients from teenagers through to older adults, Carolyn has a deep understanding of how to uncover the primary sources of discontent and how best to address them using practical and proven techniques.

Treatment Benefits

Regardless of whether Carolyn is treating you to work through specific stressors, manage or overcome a psychological diagnosis or to address an overall lack of contentment with your life, she will tailor a programme designed to achieve the following outcomes:

Carolyn’s Techniques

In tailoring her treatment programmes, Carolyn draws on her more than 15 years’ clinical experience including the following proven psychological interventions. Having also regularly practiced these approaches throughout her own personal life, Carolyn has a deeper appreciation of the possible barriers to their application so can offer practical exercises to assist her clients with mastering the techniques more successfully.

What to Expect from Your Treatment


Located in the Balwyn Medical Hub, Carolyn’s rooms are inviting and comfortable with lounge chairs and coffee tables to make clients feel as relaxed as possible. Carolyn is down-to-earth and easy going with a warm and understanding nature which immediately puts her clients at ease.

Primary Goals

One of Carolyn’s primary goals will be to build your emotional resilience. In other words, to help you feel without fighting and help you acknowledge and recognise your emotions and behaviours instead of trying to make them go away.

A Typical Session

A typical session may include discussion of how your practice exercises went, whether any new issues arose for you, learning new mindfulness techniques, whether you have any pressing concerns, practice of any relevant psychological skills exercises and areas for you to focus on before the next session.

Session Length

Sessions run for approximately 1 hour including 10 minutes at the end for Carolyn to consolidate notes and rebook appointments as required. Your first meeting is primarily for Carolyn to gather information but may also include you receiving something to practice in the coming days such as noting down moments of stress or a mindfulness exercise. Further background information is collected in the second and third sessions but at least half of each consult is spent on working through problems and practicing skills.


Carolyn likens fighting internal, emotional storms to fighting with quicksand. More struggling results in greater exhaustion, increased frustration and ultimately, sinking more quickly. Escaping quicksand, despite an initial sense of panic, requires patience and creative problem-solving. As a result of Carolyn’s treatment, you will find that more emotions are experienced in a controlled way and therefore become less intimidating and more manageable.

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